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____China mihuang electronics co., ltd. is a senior electronic technology enterprise, a leading company in the intelligent wireless microphone products and application of advanced technology, as part of the intelligent innovation cause, has become a leader in the intelligent innovation field of the microphone industry.

____Mihuang electronics has long been committed to the technical development and research in the field of wireless microphone, with independent development ability and complete production capacity, specializing in the production of intelligent high-end mobile UHF series wireless microphone products. Professional research and development production and operation: wireless microphone, wireless handheld microphones, professional stage drama opera clip wireless microphone, wireless microphone, collar microphone, wearing a microphone, teaching microphones, presided over by singing microphone, effectors, mixer, intelligent switches, intelligent electronic products, IT application design, microphone accessories, etc.

____Mihuang, mihuang, mihuang, MHMW, national registered trademark, the company is dedicated, professional, dedicated to the development and production of high-end UHF wireless microphone. A number of inventions patented technology products, technology innovation function innovation, the company's core patents: multi-channel wireless microphone system, intelligent wireless microphone system, automatic multi-channel wireless microphone systems, interactive control wireless microphone system with its peculiar "wireless audio transfer processor" technology, to meet customer pursuit of intelligent product diversification, high quality.

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